Passionate tidy up services that everyone needed.


Is an essential competency for effective time management and for productivity and quality in the house and workplace.


Is the act of removing impurities from a body, material, or location. It generates the feeling of comfort and well-being of the environments.


When your environment of rest and shelter is organized and clean, everything flows with more clearly and lightly.

About us

The LINTU services have been created to collaborate with the people who have a busy life and do not have time to organize the internal environments of their house or work, like wardrobe, drawer, shelves, etc.

LINTU uses organizing techniques that make the environment neat, clean, approachable and practical to maintain.

Some techniques used are:

Marie Kondo: organization of objects
Chromotherapy: colour harmonization
Feng Shui: distribution of objects
Aromatherapy: the perfume of the environment

For each service performed by LINTU, a flyer is provided with tips on how to keep the environment organized and clean and to have everyone in the house collaborate.


The life-changing magic of tidying up
Marie Kondo

What our clients say

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